How to complain

You can complain in different ways - depending on what it’s about.

If you’re complaining about SV Representative

You can complain to us directly at the office of Shinny View Ltd:

Due to the significance of this feedback we are firm to make it easy to address any queries you may have raised with us. This policy will outline how you can complain about us and what you can expect from us that how quickly we will handle and resolve this.


  • Shinny View, understands complaints are an expression of frustration and demands a quick reply
  • All complaints can be elevated in writing, via email or verbally.
  • All complaints can be elevated in writing, via email or verbally.
  • All complaints will be dealt with in a confidential mode and will be dealt with honestly on its merits.
  • Once a complaint has been lodged, auto an acknowledgment will be sent via email. This will highlight the details of the complaint.
  • What actions we will take and provide a timeline for the next steps.
  • Shinny View will make sure that our all staff are well trained about our company guidelines and complaint procedure and how to answer correctly.


  • The goal of the Shinny View team is to deliver the best customer care and will reply to any queries raised soon as possible.
  • If any queries are raised by our customers and that was dealt with by our team professionally and fixed at the point of call, our staff will log and report complaints through this process.

In case, if the matter was not resolved of any customers depending on the serious or complex type, our staff will issue an official complaint ticket will be raised for the customers.

Complaints of this kind of nature should be submitted in writing to; or to write to us at the below address or through contact us form and we aim to address your concerns within five working days.

Shinny View Ltd

If you think your business effected due to us

We will ask you to provide us the evidence you think that your business is effected by us and we will compensate if its proven from our side or in other case if you alleged on us then you will face termination /and that will be permanently and we may seek any legally indemnity in case we bear the loss while this proceeding.

If you’re complaining because our staff is not accessible

We know it can sometimes be difficult to get through to someone when you call for advice through direct line. We’re doing everything we can to make less waiting times.